Thursday, July 8, 2010

Saleem Ahmed: Kyoto

Photo © Saleem Ahmed-All Rights Reserved

Nirja Desai is a follower of my blog, and suggested that I take a look at Saleem Ahmed's photographs. I did and immediately agreed with her that his work would be shown on this blog which is one of the platforms for emerging photographers to get some additional exposure.

Saleem is an undergraduate student (photojournalism major) at Temple University, and has a passion to do something for the world and tell stories. He traveled to a number of countries to include the Bahamas, Egypt, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, UAE, Switzerland, Spain, Syria, the UK, Iraq and India.

There's a multitude of gallery choices on Saleem's website, and I was especially attracted to his Japanese travel work. Kyoto, Yokohama, Miyajima, and Hiroshima are all galleries of his travels in Japan that I recommend you look at. His photography is a combination of street, lifestyle, and environmental portraits.

I hope Saleem's work gets seen by magazine photo editors, and gets them published.

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