Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wink Willett: Bhutan

Photo © Wink Willett-All Rights Reserved

Photo © Wink Willett-All Rights Reserved

I will be leading the Bhutan: Land Of Druk Yul photo expedition in the coming few weeks, and thought it would be appropriate to usher in its final preparation phase by featuring some of the work by the talented participants who joined the 2008 expedition.

To kick us off, here are two brilliant portraits by Wink Willett. One is a spontaneous portrait, while the second is more posed, although if I recall correctly the monk was already in this position when Wink arrived at the scene.

The top portrait is of a lay nun, spinning her prayer wheel and circumbulating around the Jakhar temple, while the second is of a Buddhist monk at a monastery, bathed in a wonderful light.

Wink Willett is an international banker, and brings to his photographic style the lessons he learned from his many overseas senior postings. His biography on his website sums his outlook very well:

"Photography gives me the opportunity to capture this interaction and a country's character; and it helps me archive what I've seen and learned. I gravitate to peoples' faces and their eyes as they tell so much about the life and soul of a person: hardship, determination, kindness."

Have a look at Wink's Bhutan Gallery, and explore his many others which include the Bahamas, Cambodia, India, Morocco and Viet Nam, to mention just a few.

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