Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sponsored Video - Samsung Presents Monkey Thief!

You may have recently seen a few ads featuring cheeky monkeys eyeing up the brand new Samsung G Series 400 refrigerator.  Now, I know that monkeys are always causing mischief and quick at getting exactly what they want, but I never knew how discerning they actually are....until now.

One of the monkeys, named Alan, only took the coriander because it was from a Samsung refrigerator! He read the ad 'easy in, easy out'. This video did make me laugh (and my young grandsons were absolutely hysterical when they watched it), but it does have an interesting message.

Even though the monkeys are monkeying around (please excuse the pun), they can get anything they want such as the strawberries, tomatoes and other bits and pieces with minimum fuss because the refrigerator has an easy slide shelf.   In a busy family house, or for home cooks like myself who store up on essentials, this kind of refrigerator can be a fantastic piece of kit, especially when you need to grab ingredients whilst making a recipe.

One other thing that interested me was a feature which allows you to control the temperature of a particular compartment.  I know I've often had a need for something like this when it comes to storing meat and vegetables.  It's rather nice to have that option and will help keep ingredients fresher for longer!

Last but not least is the freezer, which is situated underneath the refrigerator and has a full open box which can be pulled all the way out, ideal for storing those bulky items.  This is a no frost freezer which means no defrosting - now that is a cool feature - so more time for you.

For more information visit the Samsung Website.

This post was sponsored by Samsung.

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