Monday, February 18, 2013

Kitchen Devils Kitchen Scissors - Review

Kitchen Devils Control Shears
                                There is a very useful groove built into the blades for cutting bones.

I'm really pleased to have been sent a couple of pairs of very useful kitchen scissors to test by the trusted brand Kitchen Devils. The Kitchen Devils Control Shears blades are very sharp and slightly curved and they cut easily through poultry.  I wish I had known about these shears before, I have always struggled trying to cut through poultry.  The shears make light work cutting through herbs and they will come in very handy for cutting fish too.

The Control Shears have a safety catch (Image courtesy of Kitchen Devils)
The Control Kitchen Shears have a safe grip handle, they are lightweight and are suitable for both right and left handed users..  Made from high quality Japanese steel, guaranteed for 15 years and dishwasher safe.

Kitchen Devils Lifestyle Scissors.

Kitchen Devils Lifestyle Scissors - the handles are moulded onto the blades which prevents food getting trapped between the blades and handles.  You can get a good firm safe grip on the handles and they cut superbly.

They are made from stainless steel and you can even adjust the blade tension. These scissors can be used for cutting meat, fish and herbs too.

Both blades have a serrated edge.
                                      Guaranteed for 10 years and they are dishwasher safe too.

Kitchen Devils brand has been around since way back in the 1960's. They always perform well, are extremely well made, last for ages, come with amazing guarantees and I'm a fan!

For Kitchen Devils products and stockists please visit their website.

Thank you Sarah and Kitchen Devils.

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