Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mezzaluna by Vacu Vin - Review

The Mezzaluna will chop nuts easily.
The Vacu Vin Mezzaluna is a nifty kitchen gadget and it's lightweight too. It can be used safely for slicing pizza, chopping nuts, chocolate, vegetables and herbs. The technique is to use both hands on the handle and rock the blade from one side to the other.

Vacu Vin Mezzaluna with the guard/handle covering the blade
                                        The blade folds away into the handle for safe storage.

                    Use the finger hold to pull the blade safely out of the clip located on the handle.

The mezzaluna has a rotating ball and you simply turn the blade using the finger pull until the blade has the cutting edge facing away from you.  Bring the finger pull down into the handle and it will click securely into the clip - this is very easy to do.

Dishwasher safe, easy to use, and it can be stored away in a draw safely because the blade is covered with a guard.

Available from independent stockists, Amazon and online too.

Thank you Pam and Vacu Vin for the review sample.

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