Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jens Lennartsson | The 100 Days

Photo © Jens Lennartsson-All Rights Reserved
Here's an extremely interesting and useful travel photography resource which ought to be bookmarked by aspiring (and established) travel photographers. It's Jens Lennartsson's 100 Days.

Jens' objective is to share his extensive knowledge of travel photography with his readers and followers, and seeks to help photographers to tell and share their experiences in photography.

Every day, a short 'lesson' is updated on 100 could be about wide lens or it can be about can be about Havana old taxis or the technique in can be about food or women. Some can be of basic techniques, while others can be more esoteric.

For instance, here's the intro to the lesson of day 85:

"My wide-angle lens is far from my most used one. But I always carry it in my bag because when the right moment occurs, I wouldn’t want to be without it. The wide angle will help you create a feeling of presence."

Jens Lennartsson works as a travel and lifestyle photographer represented by Wonderful Machine, and he's based in Malmö, Sweden.

Be sure to visit his travel and lifestyle photography website, and don't miss The Ethnicity Project.

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