Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bill Newsinger | Memory Twenty Two

This is a little gem. No, make that a large gem.

Not only from an aesthetic standpoint, but because it made me (and I hope you) think out of the box.

It's a stop motion project titled Memory Twenty Two by a musician, photographer and videographer Bill Newsinger (Tumblr and Vimeo) who hails from Leicester in the United Kingdom.

It was created from photographs taken with the Hipstamatic Tintype Pak; in particular and the Tinto 1884 lens, and D-Type film....which is absolutely my favorite. It consists of 4500 photos in all, and the music is his own composition.

Let me repeat this...4500 photographs!

Judging from the number of videos on his Vimeo page, Bill is a prolific photographer/videographer...he spends almost everyday shooting in his hometown, and conjuring up short movies, whether it's with his iPhone, GoPro HD or Canon 7D.

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