Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quality Resolutions for the New Year

I did not take this photograph.

I found it on Flickr, where it's the property of Townend Photography. I'm publishing it under a Creative Commons licence.

This is a classic example of how macro photography adds depth to everyday objects. You don't get much more commonplace than cutlery, yet this picture transforms the humble fork from functional into fascinating - if only for a few moments.

The great thing about macro photography, as I keep telling myself, is that pictures like this can by taken by almost anyone. Yes, it requires a macro lens and an good eye. It also means thinking outside of the box, but not very far outside.

My New Year's resolution, for 2010, is to take some photographs like this. To make the time to create studies of everyday details. I don't expect to win prizes or even get much recognition, but it will increase my collection of stock footage and, more importantly, I'll enjoy doing it.

It'll be interesting, in a year's time, to see which pictures I choose as my best shots of 2010.

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