Friday, December 4, 2009

POV: Is TTP The New "Nerve"?

Having installed Google Analytics almost since the inception of this blog, I saw that a noticeable cluster of daily hits on specific pages of this blog came from (not listed in any specific order) the following countries:

Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

All the hits from these countries are clustered on these two posts:

Beyond The Frame: Nepali Circus Girls

Q. Sakamaki: Bangladeshi Sex Workers

Now, it doesn't take an agile mind to know why. These visitors have access to Google and are obviously trawling for sex sites, so these terms are just catnip for them. It also explains why the total time they spend on these TTP's posts is just under 2 seconds which, in my reckoning, is about 1.5 seconds too much. These links are obviously not what they seek. I know it's tempting to pass judgment on them, but I won't.

There are millions of South Asian workers in the Gulf, and they are the ones who in essence built Dubai, among others. With Dubai's economic meltdown, possibly affecting all its neighbors, I'll be interested to see if the anticipated eventual repatriation of these workers is felt in The Travel Photographer's statistics.

Man, this blog of mine is not only about travel photography but is also tracking globalization, financial events, porn trends and international employment flows!!!

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