Thursday, April 29, 2010


A wonderful selection of biscuits have been sent to me this week by Fudges Bakery, who are based in Dorset. Fudges are a family bakery, who were founded by Percy Fudge in 1926, and they continue to this day as a family bakery.

Oat & Sultana Biscuits, half dipped in Belgian Milk Chocolate
Lemon Zest Biscuits, half dipped in Belgian White Chocolate
Butter Biscuits, half dipped in Belgian Dark Chocolate
Hazelnut Biscuits, half dipped in Belgian Milk Chocolate

Mr W isn't as enthusiastic as I am, when it comes to eating biscuits, but on this occasion he said these were 'wow biscuits' and just couldn't stop eating them. He said the biscuits had just the right amount of butter and crunch, he even asked where we can buy more. Yes - I ate a lot too.

The biscuits come beautifully presented and look exactly the same as on the front of the box. They are placed individually in a presentation tray, chocolate side up, which prevents the chocolate being marked.

Sadly, the marks on the chocolate biscuits in the photograph were caused by me whilst I was trying to balance a broken biscuit on them!

Thank you to James and all at Fudges Bakery.

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