Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wendy Connett: Images of the World

I "meet" Wendy Connett daily through her interesting and entertaining Escape From New York blog which is on my Google Reader whatsit. Although she lives in New York City, her website also tells us that she considers the UK and India as her second homes....and I thought I was the only one who felt that way!

Wendy is a journalist and photographer, who travels the world to photograph its people, its places and its unique celebrations. Her photographs are licensed around the globe for commercial and editorial use, and are published in over 25 countries. Her work appears on a regular basis in magazines, newspapers, brochures, textbooks and travel guidebooks. Travel & Leisure, The Guardian, The Times, Rough Guides, Fodor's, Frommers are some of the publications where to see her work.

She has just announced a major redesign of her website Wendy Connett Travel Photography, which I urge you to visit. Her opening images of her Morocco portfolio are of Essaouira famous blue fishing boats. This a favorite spot for photographers to capture the very essence of Essaouira which, despite its recent fame as a tourist destination, is still a fishing village. In fact, for fans of grilled sardines, drop by Chez Sam, a lovely restaurant a few steps further into the harbor area.

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