Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nom Yogurts

I received a very generous selection of yogurts from Nom Dairy in rural Shropshire to review.

In these recession hit times, it is quite reassuring to see a huge investment being made in Shropshire. A £60m state of the art dairy has been completed and they are now producing Nom yogurts. On their website they tell us Shropshire was their chosen location due to the amount of high quality milk required for their recipes. Nom have been making yogurt and yogurt drinks in Austria for over 100 years and this is their first venture into the UK market.

I was sent a collection of Naturally Creamy two-sided yogurts and these came in 150g pots. They are a large creamy yogurt on one side with a smaller separate portion of fruit or cereal. I received, senga strawberry, morello cherry, alponso mango and passion fruit, granola and Belgium choc chip, and granola.

Next, was a pack of Nom Naturally Good fruit layer yogurt, these came in a pack of 6 x 125g yogurt pots. I received three senga strawberry and 3 morello cherry. These comprised a layer of compote topped with a creamy layer of probiotic yogurt. Unless you look at the labeling you would be totally unaware these were probiotic yogurt pots.

These would be ideal for breakfast or any time of the day - I ate one for lunch and was surprised at just how filling and satisfying they were.

I couldn't fault them on presentation of the products or quality. The fruit compote or granola was excellent. My personal preference, and also that of my husband, was we preferred the fruit compote pots over the granola based products.

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