Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yo! Sushi, Poland Street, London - Review

Salmon Sashimi from the conveyor belt.
Posting courtesy of Kitchen Delights London based reporter.

On your last visit to Yo! Sushi the chances are that you ate a few sushi dishes straight from the conveyor belt. After all, it’s quick, convenient and what they are famous for.

However last week, I was kindly invited to try some of the new Ramen dishes Yo! Sushi have just launched. For the uninitiated, Ramen is a common Japanese noodle dish, which can contain anything from chicken to beef to pork, vegetables or fish cakes all served in a warming broth – the perfect comfort food!

Five Spice Gyu Ramen
Outside it was extremely cold and snowing, I was feeling braver than usual and ordered the Five Spice Guy Ramen. Delightfully tender British beef marinated in five spice, garlic, ginger and sesame oil – it actually wasn’t too hot and rather tasty.  It was the perfect follow up to a couple of sushi plates from the conveyor belt.

Kaisen Ramen
My dining partner was also content having opted for Kaisen Ramen - handmade fish cakes served in a hot broth with ramen noodles. We also had a choice of dips and oils to add to our dish, such as garlic puree and hot chilli oil which was fun – but do be careful not to put too much into your bowl as they are on the strong side!!

The Ramen dishes are priced between £7-8 pounds.

Thanks a mill to the hospitable Gabriella at Yo! Sushi, Poland Street, London.

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