Thursday, January 3, 2013

Best of Foodie Bordeaux

Fabulous freshly baked bread.
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Taking time to appreciate and enjoy gorgeous food and wine is what truly makes up the DNA of the French as a nation. As I walked past the numerous coffee shops and restaurants in Bordeaux, it is easy to sense a laid back attitude to life, and why not with all the great food waiting to be eaten.  It was whilst I was in this frame of mind that I made a visit to Quai des Chartrons Bordeaux - a small but perfectly formed food market located next to the river Garonne.

Pastries and brioche fresh from the oven.
Beautiful Figs
A huge pan of snails bubbling away in wine and tomatoes.
With an abundance of fresh produce one can easily gather the necessities for a picnic hamper, whether it's fresh bread, fruits, meats or even snails and team it up with a superb bottle of red wine.  Take the hamper of fresh foods and wine down to the river, take part in a little people watching and savour the moment.  Don't forget your wineglasses!

To see more scrumptious foods of Bordeaux, take a look at my scrapbook on Pinterest - ‘Best of Bordeaux’ -

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A massive thank you to Carey, Rosamund and Natasha at R&R Teamwork.

Disclosure:  The trip was funded by The Bordeaux Wine Council (CIVB)

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