Friday, January 4, 2013

Myanmar | Patrik Wallner

Here's a extremely well filmed and intelligently produced short documentary on Myanmar by Patrik Wallner, a well known skateboard videographer, as well as a photographer, which ought to convince any remaining recalcitrant to visit this gorgeous country, and meet its lovely people, before the grip of Westernization takes hold and changes it forever.

The short movie capture beautiful scenes from the perspective of a hot air balloon, and from ground. I found the sequence with the captivating Bagan's temples to be the best.

I frequently dislike the musical soundtrack of such documentaries...sometimes added without regard to the ethnicity, culture and traditions of the country involved, however I think the soundtrack by Jean-Claude Vannier used on Myanmar is an excellent choice.

Some of Wallner's photographs of Myanmar are on this website. The Myanmar video can also be viewed on Vimeo.

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