Saturday, January 12, 2013

POV: Digital "Wet Plate" On Aluminum

As promised to my readers and followers earlier,  I want to share my initial thoughts on my digital "wet plate" picture fused on a 4x4 inch aluminum sheet by PostalPix. (The picture above is lousy...and doesn't render it justice).

Due to its end of year backlog, the company took 2-3 days longer than I expected to deliver the finished product to me. It was quick in alerting me of the expected delay, and advised me of the delivery date, along with a USPS tracking number.

The aluminum-fused photograph was well packaged, and came with a double-sided mounting tape for wall hanging, and an adhesive magnet for the fridge if required. It cost me nothing since the Company offered my a $15 coupon. Normally, a 4x4 aluminum photograph would cost $10, while the 8x8 costs $25. By the way, everything to start the process was done on my iPhone.

So the question is "does it look like a real wet plate (on aluminum)?" The answer is "Sort of". It's the most honest answer I can think of...however it won't fool anyone in thinking it's the real thing. It looks too "modern". That said, it's glossy, and boasts a scratch-resistant surface, and it does look very good.

However, the reproduction of the Rebari herdsman on the aluminum sheet is a little too dark for my liking. I should've lightened it up in post processing.

Now the question is...what can I do with the "wet plate" concept? After all, I've got quite a few on my The Digital Wet Plates gallery. Perhaps go larger...and try the 8x8?

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