Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chiaroscuro | Vitùc

This is a gem.

I've posted a few times about Hipstamatic's new Tintype SnapPack...which consists of the Tinto 1884 Lens, a D-Type Plate Film and a C-Type Plate Film, and how much I liked it....and what I plan to do with it.

But Chiaroscuro, by the very talented Vitùc (who by the way, describes himsself as a passionate non-professional filmmaker) with his use of an iPhone and Hipstamatic App / Tinto 1848 + D-Type Plate, is taking this to new heights.

Hardly travel or documentary related, this is a time lapse of many frames made with the Tinto 1884 lens and the monochrome-ish D-type film. I read that Vitùc uses his iPhone to make almost 2500-3000 photographs and assembles them in a time-lapse to produce the kind of movie such Chiaroscuro.

2500-3000 Hipstamatic photographs! I've tried to sequentially shoot as many as photographs as possible using the same lens and film, and managed to squeeze about 8 or 9...and I then get a message that the "film" is rewinding....which probably means that the photographs are still being processed, and no more can be snapped until they're moved to the phone's camera roll.

Do watch's less that two minutes, and will open up your lateral vision to what can be done with these apps...and with patience.

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