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Trip to Bordeaux - École du Vin Bordeaux (Wine School)

         École du Vin (Wine School) - featuring Caroline, one of the school's excellent wine experts.

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My food and wine press trip started on a cold cloudy Friday afternoon at Luton airport and in just over an hour I arrived in glorious Bordeaux in the south of France, to discover why it is the natural home to sensational food and great wine.

Described as the 'mini Paris' of France, due to the stunning architecture and the cool city vibe you would expect to find in Paris - Bordeaux is a very walkable city which makes it the perfect weekend get-away.

My culinary objective was to discover knock your socks off wines and scrumptious food.  I hope you will get just as excited as I am, as I share in a series of forthcoming blog posts, my visits to gorgeous Châteaux, delightful food markets and other amazing treasures that wait for you in Bordeaux.

A Visit to École du Vin

When you visit Bordeaux be prepared to thoroughly immerse yourself in food and drink (and of course the amazing shopping!) and where better to start than with a trip to École du Vin (Wine School) which is located in the centre of the city.

Learn how to sniff, slurp and sample sensational wines, just like a professional, and learn all about the different soils, grape varieties and other complexities involved in the wine producing process.

This two and a half hour masterclass paints a colourful picture of Bordeaux, as you learn about it's geography and the impact this has on wine production.  Don't worry if you are not a pro - it's a really fun and accessible way for anyone, to start appreciating Bordeaux wines.  You'll feel suitably smug that you have attended a masterclass before visiting a Château or two - trust me!

To find out more about the introduction to wine course

Disclosure:  The trip was funded by The Bordeaux Wine Council (CIVB)

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