Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas Stocking Gift Ideas

The GarlicCard is a nifty portable gadget invented by a Swedish chef.  The card can be used to  grate garlic cloves or fresh ginger into a puree, and afterwards the curved end of the grater can be used to spread the garlic onto bread. Easy to clean by hand or dishwasher safe.
Stockist: Presents For Men - £3.99

DropStop Wine Pourer

The DropStop wine gadget - insert the flexible circular disc into the neck of the wine bottle to stop those annoying wine spills and drips. They can be inserted into any drinks bottle.
Stockist: - £2.99  Supplied in a pack of 3

DropStop Wine Breather

Especially for red wine, this is fitted into the neck of the wine bottle and prevents drips and aerates the wine. Stockist: - £1.95 available in packs of 2.

Thank you to Eleanor and Eddingtons for the samples.

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