Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good Heavens! Drinking Yogurt - Review

Good Heavens! Drinking Yogurts contain real fruit, are bursting with flavour, tasty, creamy, and an added bonus, they are good for you too. The low fat live probiotic yogurt drinks are a perfect way for adults to start the day. These new cute bottles are beautifully presented in a small eye catching carry case - I kept my bottles in the case until the last one had been drank, they look so lovely and I couldn't bring myself to throw the box away........

I have been sent Good Morning! Raspberry, Oats and Honey yogurt drink - a zing of raspberry, oats for fibre and lightly sweetened with honey - this one is a slightly thicker yogurt drink. I was concerned the oats might be a little annoying to drink, but 6% finely milled oatmeal was absolutely fine and an easy way to get extra fibre into my diet. This is the perfect start to the day, or for those days when you can't find time for breakfast, can't face breakfast, need breakfast on the go or had an early start to the day.  Also available in Blueberry, Oats and Honey.

Next I tried the heavenly Luscious Strawberry Drinking Yogurt, this is a taste of summer past and perfect for those of us who love fruit. Not just for breakfast but anytime of the day, and if you find yourself beginning to feel weary mid afternoon these are the perfect pick-me-up.  Available in Refreshing Apple & Pear or Succulent Blackcurrant too.

The 125ml bottles of yogurt come in a 4 pack carry case. RRP £2.50 and available at Tesco and other supermarkets.

Good Heavens! are a Boutique Dairy based in Hayes, Middlesex.  They make their yogurt slowly and in small batches. Completely natural, free from additives, packed with real fruit and contain over 25% of an adult's calcium RDA.

Thank you to Martin and Good Heavens! for the review samples.

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