Thursday, November 8, 2012

POV: Chutzpah or Clueless?

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"Hi Tewfic,  As a photojournalist who specializes in the distinct cultures of Asia, Latin America and Africa, and someone who has led photography expeditions in the past, I am curious if a new photography tour from XXXXXXXXXXX is something you would share with your blog readers.

This is the first paragraph of an email I received a few days ago. The rest of the email is essentially describing the photography tour led by a "renowned" travel photographer.

Now this wouldn't be worth a post on this blog, as I get similar solicitations every now and then. However, this solicitation comes from a firm that describes itself as specializing in public relations representing some of the world’s best resorts, destinations and brands. More importantly, the photography tour it refers to is offered by one of the top adventure travel companies in the United States.  

Let me rewrite this: one of the top US based adventure travel companies is asking me to publicize one of its photography tours on this blog...knowing full well that I offer such photography tours and workshops myself. Flattering perhaps, but why would I publicize and endorse a competitor...and one that I know nothing about?

So it's either chutzpah, or the sender of the email is clueless. It also means that The Travel Photographer blog is considered as a must-go-to blog for travel photography and photojournalism professionals, enthusiasts and anyone in between...and its readership is valuable to tap into.

So here's what I'll do;

1. I will reply to the email offering to write a post with all the details of the company's tour against payment of $1500. Since the land cost for the trip is over $10,000, it can surely afford to pay for sharing its details on this blog.

2. The alternative would be for this adventure travel company to advertise my photo expeditions-workshops. I have one planned for the first half of 2013 and have the details ready.

If I get a reply, I'll share it with you.

And what does an Instagram photo of Jimi have to do with this post? Nothing.

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