Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Carlos Duarte: Mali

Photo © Carlos Duarte-All Rights Reserved
It's been a while I haven't featured photographic work of Mali, and Carlos Duarte's work is the perfect excuse to do so.

A self-professed newcomer to photography, and one who never owned a film camera, and jumping straight into digital photography, Carlos started his craft about 6 years ago and gravitated towards social photography, portraiture and landscapes. Starting in 2007, he traveled to India then to Scotland, followed by Mali, then Iceland, Ecuador. This variety of locations resulted in diverse galleries which can be seen on his website.

Carlos added a wonderful West African song to his gallery of you'll be well accompanied when you peruse his photographs, mostly environmental portraiture.

Mali is, of course, another country in the throes of civil unrest following a military coup and a rebellion from the Tuareg, and Islamist radicals controlling its north.  

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