Friday, November 2, 2012

PerPower EZBoost

With lower Manhattan losing power, most of its residents had to walk north for at least 20 blocks from to recharge cell phones and laptops at mid-town bank branches, hotel lobbies and cafes, I thought I'd feature the availability of the PerfPower EZBoost.

The PerfPower EZBoost claims that it's "the most powerful portable mobile charger" small enough to fit in one's pocket, but powerful enough to charge a mobile device nearly 4 times from fully drained to completely charged. It's powered by standard alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries, and can be used anywhere and anytime.

It's very inexpensive, and available from Adorama. I have no idea if it lives up to its claims, but it might be a useful option to have around.

By the way, both B&H (420 9th Ave. at 34th St. ) and Adorama (42 W 18 St) have set up charging stations for cell phones et al in front of their respective stores. These are free of charge.

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