Friday, November 23, 2012

The Bar of Aero - Chocolate Heaven

A new fun way to get hot chocolate.
Posting by Kitchen Delights Roving Reporter.

Have you ever dreamt of munching your way round Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, like young Charlie Bucket did?  I certainly felt I'd won a golden ticket when Kitchen Delights was invited to the media preview at The Bar of Aero, Trumans Brewery, Brick Lane to celebrate 70 years of bubbly fun in a bar of Aero.

We all know Aero is famous for containing bubbles, but have you ever questioned how a piece of chocolate can contain perfectly preserved bubbles without popping. Listening to the boffins from Aero, it has a lot to do with 16 variables including gas and temperature. Sadly, they didn't reveal any trade secrets to help us make it at home.

I'm not the Roving Reporter!
Putting science aside, the pop-up bar was full of giant multi-coloured plastic bubbles whooshing up and down on air streams, and hot chocolate pods to bring the bubbles to life.

Aero Fool
Aero Mess
There was also a deliciously quirky take on the classic British pudding Eton Mess - Aero Mess, as presented by food stylist Andrew Stellitano.

Thank you to Red Consultancy and The Bar of Aero for a bubbly evening of fun!

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