Sunday, November 2, 2008

POV: Birds of A Feather...

Picking up the thread from various postings in the past week or so, here's a list of travel photographers, who seem to be "birds of a feather" in terms of overall style, visual and geographical interests, compositional affinity, and passion for cultural experiences.

So here are (alphabetically-listed) four blogs/websites I encourage you to visit often and bookmark to satisfy your thirst (or hunger) for travel photography:

Matt Brandon of The Digital Trekker

David duChemin of The Pixelated Image

Gavin Gough of Gavin Gough Photography

Mitchell Kanashkevich of Mitchell Kanashkevich Photography

I've had the experience of photographing along Gavin Gough (who joined me in Bhutan on my Land of Druk Yul photo-expedition), and thought it very interesting that I, from the first day, could instinctively (well, almost) tell what and where Gavin would be photographing. As I said, birds of a feather...

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