Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kongkrit Sukying: The Sufis of Gujarat

Photo ©Kongkrit Sukying-All Rights Reserved

Photo ©Kongkrit Sukying-All Rights Reserved

Photo ©Kongkrit Sukying-All Rights Reserved

A first time participant in my photo-expeditions, and in my just completed In Search of Sufis of Gujarat, Kongrit Sukying is a photographer from Bangkok, who was a marketing executive in the beverage business for over 10 years, but changed careers in 2009. He currently is a freelance commercial photographer who also specializes in wedding photography, as well as for books and magazines.

He's the fourth participant to send me samples of his work during the photo expedition.

The top photograph of the girl running down the stairs was made at one of the Islamic sites in Ahmedabad, while the second is of a pilgrim at one of the Sufi shrines who is supplicating the saint for a favor. The strings attached to the shrine's windows are left there by women as reminders of their prayers.

The lower photograph is of a Muslim woman at one of the Muslim mosques, probably in Ahmedabad.

Similar to Teerayut, the other participant from Thailand, most of Kongkrit's photographs in his external portfolio are post-processed, and while some may find these over-worked, it's a style which finds favor amongst many in Asia. In fact, Kungkrit emphasized the fact that he attended workshop at Digital Darkroom.  

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