Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Eric Beecroft: Sufis & Saints

Photo © Eric Beecroft-All Rights Reserved
Photo © Eric Beecroft-All Rights Reserved
Eric Beecroft is the visionary co-founder of the hugely successful Foundry Photojournalism Workshop which is entering its fourth year, after being held in Mexico City, Manali (India), Istanbul and which will be held in Buenos Aires this coming July.

Eric teaches photography, photojournalism/documentary photography, history, geo-politics and anthropology at the Walden School, a public charter school in Utah. He spends a few months a year traveling and leading photo expeditions of high school students and adults. His photography is mostly documentary work, photojournalism, and adventure/outdoors photography.

He recently updated his website with photographs of Delhi's Nizzam Uddin Dargah in Delhi; an area which we share an interest in, and of Rishikesh in the Indian Himalayas.

The top photograph is of a Muslim woman in the throes of "hajri" or trance at the shrine of the Sufi saint, while the lower photograph is from Eric's Ganga Ma: Rishikesh, and which I particularly like.

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