Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finish QuantuMatic on Trial - Part 1

As a blogger, I receive all manner of emails, in fact some of them are quite baffling not to mention extraordinary. For instance, I received an email from a lady in America asking me how many British households use a cafetiere in the morning!

However, this email was different from any other received, it asked if I would be a jury member, and would I be willing to put the Finish QuantuMatic dishwasher product through it's paces and experience using it? Some of my fellow bloggers went to London for a briefing, but unfortunately, I was unable to do this. The Agency weren't put off by this though and asked if I would still agree to take part. Of course, I will.

This evening the Finish Quantumatic has been placed into my dishwasher, easy peasy, all you have to do is clip the detergent dispenser on to the top rack and the detergent is automatically released for the next 12 washes. A wonderful thing when you have a husband like mine who forgets to feed the dishwasher.

I've always had a keen interest in using new products and I am now eagerly waiting to see how well my dishes clean up.

QuantuMatic has a Which? Endorsement - New Best Buy in March 2011 "QuantuMatic left dishes shinier than any other product we tested."

Look out for my forthcoming blog postings over the next two weeks trialling the QuantuMatic.

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