Friday, March 11, 2011

BJP Does The FujiFilm X100

The British Journal of Photography has just featured a hands-on review (not an in-depth one yet) of the FujiFilm X100. 

It appears that the FujiFilm X100 is extremely well designed, handles well (although a bit on the lightweight side according to the photographer using it), with good image performance, and very easy to use.

On the negative side, there's a shutter lag which may or may not spoil the "decisive moment" street photographers lust for, and while it may be part of a pro photographer's would not be his/her main camera.

It's really expensive in Britain, and moderately expensive in the US....and as I wrote in my earlier posts, I don't think the price is justified at all. I've looked at the initial image samples (via BJP's website) and I'm not too impressed.  As I said before, I believe the Panasonic GF1 (which I have and use) beats it hands down in terms of image quality, price and lens interchangeability.

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