Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finish QuantuMatic on Trial - Part 2

Finish QuantuMatic is a revolutionary product and has gone on public trial. The photograph at the top of the posting shows the QuantuMatic in situ at the top left of my dishwasher rack. Click here to see a short video of how best to use the Finish QuantuMatic.

If you look at the top photograph you will see a counter and this shows the number of washes left. The automatic detergent dispenser releases detergent for 12 washes. All you have to do is simply clip the dispenser onto the rack of the dishwasher and after 12 washes, replace the refill. I have a slimline dishwasher and the QuantuMatic takes up the space of one large mug.

A photographer came to my house and captured me making a birthday cake for a birthday party. I made a lot of mess, chocolate cake and pink cake mix, icings, icing sugar and flour everywhere. I make lots of cakes and birthday cakes for family members and the dishwasher is invaluable, sometimes it seems as though I use every basin I possess. My favourite items to put in the dishwasher are the basins and spoons I use for coloured icings. I totally rely on my dishwasher to clean up all of those nasty basins and utensils so that I can get on decorating my cakes.

I have made the Finish QuantuMatic work hard and have given it some tough tests. Can it clean cake mixes and icings from bowls, forks that have Parmesan cheese stuck on them, a basin that has been used in the microwave for making porridge, cups with stubborn coffee and tea stains and pasta dishes used for spaghetti bolognese?

Also, I made a bread and butter pudding but unfortunately, for the first time ever, there wasn't much in the way of baked on stains and so I decided to pour some milk into the casserole, gave it a good swirl round and placed it under the grill to bake for as long as I dare.

So far so good, the dishwasher after cleaning smells wonderful, and the dishes are shiny. It's great to use a product that basically looks after itself for nearly two weeks and unless you live in a hard water area you don't even need to use dishwasher salt because the QuantuMatic has a built in salt and rinseaid function.

Over the next few days I am still going to challenge the Finish QuantuMatic and try and cook things that get really baked on.

I'll be back in a few days to let you know how the challenge is going.

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