Thursday, May 7, 2009

WSJ: Rajasthanis

©Arko Datta/Reuters-All Rights Reserved

The Wall Street Journal's Photo Journal brings us the above photograph of Rajasthani villagers, attending a wedding in the Ore Village near Abu Road in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan. I believe the villagers in their red turbans are Rebari tribesmen, who are largely nomadic in their lifestyle. One of them has traces of pink dye on his tunic...remnants of his participation in a Holi celebration.

I chose to feature this photograph for two reasons; the precious expression of the fellow in the forefront, who seems to be utterly suspicious of the photographer's motives, and the second is to give me an excuse to bemoan the lack of color in Cairo, where I am at this time. Somewhat flippantly, I described Cairo as being " beige on beige on beige with traces of beige." How I wish Egyptian villagers would have the Rajasthanis' innate sense of color!

posted live from Cairo

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