Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Leica File: The TV Watcher

Photo © Tewfic El-Sawy-All Rights Reserved
Walking on 14th Street in Manhattan, I noticed this man watching the news on a television in a store window. He was transfixed by whatever he was watching, oblivious of the morning's light drizzle. He had placed his shopping bag (with the umbrella) on the ground and was motionless for a little while. Click on it for a larger image.

This particular street is interesting for street photographers because one witnesses different cross sections of the city's inhabitants as one walks from one avenue to the next. The most interesting are the spots next to the subway entrances, and around the Salvation Army's headquarters.

I'm still struggling with the manual focusing on the M9. I'ts getting much better, or I should say, I'm getting better at it...and that's the only thing that needs to be worked on and improve.

To that end, I decided to try the E-Clypse MAG 1.25x from matchTechnical Services, which claims that it magnifies the viewfinder image by 25%, and increases the focusing accuracy of your Leica 25%, by magnifying the focusing patch. This is the same outfit that manufactures the Thumbs Up EP-1 that I bought recently, and which I really like a lot.

I shall report as soon as I receive it and test it. I hope it does help my focusing.

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