Monday, May 16, 2011

New! The Travel Photographer's The Oracles Of Kerala™

I'm super excited to have set up the The Oracles of Kerala Photo Expedition/Workshop™, an opportunity to document two of Kerala's most unusual religious and ancient festivals, as well as its ancient dance-drama and Vedic chanting tradition.

It promises to be a multi-layered unique experience, merging travel photography and documentary photography styles, documenting unusual festivals of religious pageantry with decorated elephants accompanied by dancers and drummers, while the other involves Velichapadus (oracles), who enter into trances and offer blood to deities, as well as street photography in the old city of Kochi, a Kathakali performance (including pre-performance sessions), and documenting a Vedic school.

This photo~expedition/workshop is limited to 7 participants, and has already been pre-announced to my newsletter subscribers (to which you can subscribe via the box at the right side of this blog).

As with many of The Travel Photographer's Photo~Expeditions™, it's specifically structured for photographers interested in documentary photography, ethno-photography and multimedia, and who seek to take their creativity to a new level by creating multimedia stories from their inventory of photographs.

I'm in the process of reviewing the applications/registrations that have come in from the subscribers.

And speaking of travel photography meets documentary photography, have a look at my To Stage Or Not To Stage post, which elicited a lot of reactions from my readers and Twitter followers.

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