Friday, June 17, 2011

Tanguy Gilson: Christian Faith In India

Photo © Tanguy Gilson-All Rights Reserved
Tanguy Gilson tells me that he had thought of The Travel Photographer as being a great name for a blog...but he discovered he had been too late. It had been taken of course, but he started following it since then.
"While I sometimes disagree with some of your posts (usually about gear, rarely about rants), I still find that you have a point of view on travel photography today that is interesting and open-minded."
He is a Canadian & Belgian travel photographer and writer working in New York City, who spent his childhood running barefoot in Africa, before discovering skiing, anthropology and cinema at university in Canada. He started photographing his travels, and focused on stories on the Himalaya’s Buddhist culture, India and China’s religious minorities, as well as the growing Chinese inner-tourism.

His photo galleries are varied and include Buddhist monasteries, India's Christianity, Chinese tourism, Uyghurs, Nepal, Louisiana and NYC streets, among other work.

I found Tanguy's gallery Christian Faith In India very interesting, as I haven't seen much work on this topic before. According to Wikipedia, Christianity is India's third religion with approximately 24 million followers, or 2.3% of India's population. It is generally agreed upon that Christianity in India is almost as old as Christianity itself and spread in India even before it spread to many predominantly Christian nations.

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