Friday, June 17, 2011

Celebrity Eclipse May 2011

I recently went on a cruise on the Celebrity Eclipse and thought I would share a few of my photographs with you.

It was wall to wall luxury, with 2850 passengers on board and more waiting staff than I have ever seen. The ship, staff, food, room, well everything really, was just fabulous. In fact more fabulous than fabulous!

Brunch had to be seen to be believed and whilst I have only chosen to show some cakes, pastries and jellies, not forgetting the huge X ice sculpture, there was more food than I have ever seen. In fact, it was the equivalent of eating your breakfast, lunch and dinner all at one sitting. Click here to go to YouTube to see brunch being served.

These little beauties were all hand made by Celebrity Eclipse chefs.

The Martini Bar was a huge attraction and they put on plenty of cocktail shows to keep us all entertained. Click here to visit YouTube to see these guys in action, it's truly amazing.

A few of the displays next to the Martini Bar.

This was a demonstration showing us how they make cocktails in the Molecular Bar. Click here to go to YouTube to see a demo.

This display of Vodka was at the side of the Martini Bar and all of the bottles are sitting in crushed ice.

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