Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jamie Oliver Tefal Hand Blender

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Following the success of the Jamie Oliver for Tefal Electrics Range, I recently received a Tefal by Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel Hand Blender which has been added to the range. This black and stainless hand blender has a removable stainless steel foot which can be cleaned in the dishwasher, it comes with a 500ml mini chopper, whisk, 800ml beaker and wall mount. The product is sturdy and well built and none of the accessories are flimsy, they are all very easy to assemble. The hand blender has a powerful 700w motor and a soft touch grip, making it comfortable to use.

I thought I would put the hand blender through it's paces with a couple of Jamie's recipes.

Jamie Oliver's King of Puddings

Whisk - this fits onto the top part of the hand blender. It takes a little time to get used to, mainly because the hand blender is quite heavy. I managed to splatter egg white but that said once I was in control again, it made a very good meringue mix.


Mini Chopper
- comes with a removable non-slip base, bowl, a chopping blade and a lid which is a breeze to assemble and makes light work of chopping breadcrumbs. The bowl can be filled to three quarters full and has a calibrated measurement on the bowl.

Jamie Oliver's Tomato and Basil Soup

Hand Blender - The hand blender comes in two parts and is quickly assembled by pushing the two components together. There is a start button and a variable speed control, or a start fast speed button. It coped easily with the task of blending vegetables to produce a smooth soup. I found the hand blender a little heavy to use and I managed to create some splattering, which was unfortunate, especially as it was tomato soup. I think I was possibly over ambitious and should have used the hand blender at slow speed to reduce splattering.

Mango and Orange Smoothie

Beaker - useful measurements on the side, non slip base which can then be used for a lid. The jug is 21cm high with a maximum capacity of 800ml. I found using the hand blender much easier when it was used alongside the beaker. It produced a great smoothie.

Overall Summary: Will suit budding chefs and all Jamie Oliver fans. Looks both stylish and professional, the hand blender motor body weighs (approx 720g), is powerful, will look good in any kitchen, easy to assemble, performs well but be careful not to splatter and read the instruction book more closely. The mini chopper made easy, efficient work of chopping herbs, the stick blender made light work of pureeing vegetables and tomatoes for my silky tomato soup, the height of the beaker has been well thought out to use with the stick blender and a non-slip base that can also be used as a lid is very useful. The instruction book is fairly basic and does not come supplied with any recipes.

RRP £54.99

Thank you Catherine.

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