Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bob Krist: Shooting Locally

Photo ©Bob Krist-All Rights Reserved
Do we hang up our cameras and wait out the recession? Take up another passion till the economy turns the corner ? No, that would be like an athlete giving up practices in the off season… You’re going to get so far out of “shape” that you’ll find your photographic chops will get really rusty. No, the answer is to keep shooting travel, but for a while at least, we’re going to have to shoot it in our own backyard.
-Bob Krist

Not only does Bob Krist, the acclaimed photographer, author, educator and writer, appear on Scott Kelby's blog as guest blogger with a post titled Think Globally: Shoot Locally, but he also authors a brand new blog called Photo Traveler.

So visit what promises to be an interesting and educational blog, and bookmark it for future reference. Bob has already shared his lighting techniques for a photo shoot on Easter Island.

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