Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Michael Robinson Chavez: Dharavi

© Michael Robinson Chavez/LA Times

Although Dharavi is routinely called "the largest slum in Asia," and frequently "the largest slum in the world," this is not correct. However, Dharavi is certainly unique among slums. It's a neighborhood, a slum, of 3 square kilometers right in the heart of Mumbai, the economic heart of India that pulsates with energy and activity.

Michael Robinson Chavez is a photojournalist at The Los Angeles Times, who is currently working on a long term project about urbanization in the developing world. It's not surprising to me that Michael has produced this multimedia piece. Meeting him at the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop in Mexico last June, he struck me as a forward-leaning individual, keen in trying new techniques to advance his craft...you'll see in this piece that he's using the continuous shooting to create a semblance of motion in his scenes...the so-called "flip book" technique.

I hope we see much more of Michael's work in this format.

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