Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Book: What Matters

I normally don't post about books that I haven't read, since I don't want any posts on this blog to be construed as advertising or being commercial, but I occasionally come across books (photography or otherwise) that I sense are too important to ignore. Such a book is What Matters.

What Matters features photo essays by James Nachtwey, Marcus Bleasdale, Paul Fusco, Anthony Suau and Sebastiao Salgado among others. Accompanying the photos are original essays by thinkers and leaders such as Samantha Power and Jeffrey Sachs.

The book was created by the New York Times bestselling author/editor David Elliot Cohen, and contains 18 socially-conscious essays by some of the best known photojournalists.

You can either buy the book directly from the website, or download a free PDF version of it (just clear the pop-up window blocker).

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