Saturday, September 6, 2008

Black Rapid R Straps: Santa Knocks Twice

Photograph Courtesy David du Chemin-All Rights Reserved

Here's a story involving Black Rapid Camera Straps and two "Santas".

A few weeks ago, I had written here on TTP that David Du Chemin's review of the Black Rapid straps on his Pixelated Image blog, made them look very interesting, especially since I was on the lookout for new camera straps myself. I concluded by vowing that I'd ask Santa for one (or two) of these straps this coming Christmas.

Not long after my post was published, I received an email from David who offered to send me one as a gift!! An extremely generous gesture from someone I've never met (but certainly hope I will soon). The Black Rapid R Strap arrived in a well-presented pouch made of webbing and a couple of cool bumper stickers, and I immediately tried it on.

Oh what a difference! Let me say first that I normally wear my camera on a strap on my right shoulder, and I had the misfortune of having the camera with a 70-200 lens slip off, and fall to the stone ground of Angkor Wat. No damage, but my heart skipped a beat or two. With the Black Rapid R strap which I can wear bandolier-style, this danger is non-existent and I'm able to very easily (and quickly) bring the camera to my eye without the strap getting tangled up. The strap is comfortable and well made and its hardware seems very solid. The camera dangles to the side of my body, and is out of the way (and out of sight...almost) while I'm walking around. Perfect for my style of photographing.

My hat's off to the makers of the Black Rapid straps for producing them. Naturally, if it hadn't been for David Du Chemin's generosity, I'd still be waiting for Santa to deliver, and he can be fickle.

But hold on! The story is only half finished.

Ralph Childs, a great friend, a talented photographer and a frequent member of my photo-expeditions, reads my post, feels immense compassion at my "plight" and generously decides to gift me one as well. He has no idea that I received one from David, and orders two sets of the Black Rapid R for his use, and one that he sends from famine to feast, as the saying goes!

I have two Black Rapid straps now...and Santa knocked twice...early!! Life's good.

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