Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dual Survival Season 3 – Cast Changes

Well, it seems that most of the survival/bushcraft related shows that we have had in the past few years are going off the air. Man, Woman, Wild will not be returning for another season, and as we know, Man vs. Wild is gone. Until Survivorman returns, at a yet unknown date, Dual Survival seems to be the main show left in this category.


Yes, the show will be back for a third season. However, there will be changes. It appears that Cody Lundin will be back, but Dave Canterbury will not.

Here is what Dave posted on his Facebook page:

“All- I wanted to say Congratulations to the Crew of Dual Survival in the announcment of Season 3, however with that said I will not be involved in Season 3. I have many commitments to Family and Buisness and many more months away from home and family is just not my wish at the present time. My current goals are more based on Pathfinder School Activities. I am sure Discovery has found a suitable replacement and I look forward to watching.”

Here is what Cody wrote about the new season on his Facebook page:

“Dual Survival Season Three!
The Discovery Channel has officially announced season three of Dual Survival. Filming will commence soon and I’ll share more details as I learn them. Have a Happy Easter everyone! Cody”

Who will replace Dave? There is no news about it yet. I am sure it will be someone who contrasts with Cody. After all, the original premise of the show was to put two people with drastically different styles together.

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