Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lucky's Chocolates - National Chocolate Week 10-16 October 2011

Lucky's (a British brand) have created unique luxury cakes fully covered in pure chocolate, as well as indulgent filled chocolates, all are carefully hand-made with the finest natural ingredients. Lucky's use premium Grand Cru Valrhona chocolate from France, acclaimed as one of the best in the world.

Lucky's came from their love of chocolates and cakes and also their wish to create a tasteful and amazing new experience. Inspired by their favourite book ever (and mine), Alice in Wonderland, each collection is based on a character, featured in exclusive luxury gift sets to dazzle any chocolate and cake lover (that's me!). Lucky's hope we will all enjoy their fine chocolates and cakes from Wonderland.

Only last month Lucky's received two prizes from The Great Taste Gold 2011 Awards for the Mad Hatter's Fruity Rhapsody Bar, along with some "Fancy Fudge" Tiny Pieces of Wonderland from their Honey Time Collection.

These are an exclusive product and they have covered these cakes in different kinds of chocolate (dark, milk, white) with an indulgent layer, together with the fillings which has resulted in a wide range of flavours and several layers of textures. Each of the different cakes are fully covered and kept air-tight inside their chocolate case which enables Lucky's to use only natural ingredients and they have a shelf life of 6 to 8 weeks.

The White Rabbit sent to me a selection of chocolates and cakes from his Honey Time Gift Set these are spiced honey cakes covered in premium Valrhona chocolate. The honey cakes are soft and rich with creamy fillings and covered in pure Valrhona chocolate. Each cake serves two people. They are presented in the most beautiful box with a row of metallic rabbits running across the outside of the base of the box. The individually wrapped treats are placed with care into a soft white fur fabric.

The White Rabbit and Alice were my two favourite characters and I always loved the waistcoated White Rabbit looking at his pocket watch and saying "Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!".

From the Honey Time Collection I received: Lazy Rabbit - I love Baileys and The Lazy Rabbit is a spiced honey cake with the most divine Bailey's ganache and a layer of walnut brittle, fully covered in Valrhona 40% milk chocolate - heaven! Nutty Delay, Hurry Bunny, Coco Rush and Fancy Fudge are glorious too.

The Mad Hatter sent to me the Mad Hatter Bar Collection these are 70% cacao brownies and are 100% hand made and covered in either 40% cacao milk Valrhona chocolate, 35% white Valrhona chocolate or 60% cacao dark Valrhona chocolate. Each cake is hand packed and serves two people.

From this collection I was sent: Chunky Nutter, Salty Insanity, Mocha Madness, Looney Raspberry, Fruity Rhapsody - Brownies, chocolate and dried cranberries - Fruity Rhapsody is an exclusive 70% cacao brownie with a gentle touch of whole dried cranberries and fully covered in Valrhona 60% cacao dark chocolate - divine!

All of these stunning chocolates and cakes are posh, very, very posh, and sitting around in denims and trainers just won't do, so get your posh frock on, and indulge in the finest chocolates and cakes ever to touch your lips. Have you ever before eaten chocolates and cake that have rendered you speechless, well these will do exactly that! Or at best you will keep saying, oh my goodness, oh my goodness me!

These chocolates and cakes are designed to excite the senses, touch the chocolate casings, cut into the cakes and smell, look at all the fabulous layers, taste the textures of each layer and listen to the silence whilst you are eating them. The chocolates cut cleanly into two for sharing, or they can easily be sliced into four, but this may result in drawing straws to see who gets the end pieces.

I couldn't choose a favourite because they are all more fabulous than fabulous and each have their own unique character. All of the chocolates and cake have a lingering aftertaste too. There are full descriptions for all of these chocolates and cake on Lucky's website.

You can now join the Supreme Chocolate Court 'The Wonderland Club', it's free and you will be in with the chance of winning 1 Lucky's cake of your choice every week plus a lifetime 15% discount on Lucky's Online Shop.

Lucky's Pop Up on the 5th Floor at Harvey Nichols back in April this year.

Lucky's cakes and chocolate will make the most incredible wedding favours, special occasion treats, pre-marriage proposal or simply to lift the spirits.

Thank you to Lucky's of London.

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