Monday, October 31, 2011

Cheryl Dunn: 'Everybody Street'

Cheryl Dunn is a photographer and the director of "Everybody Street", a feature documentary on well-known NYC street photographers. The documentary is of real stories of the men and women, who can be described as the foundation of the street photography movement and of the medium itself.

A short intro is being shown on Kickstarter by Cheryl in an effort to raise funds to film the studios and out onto the streets where the working techniques of these photographers will be seen as they unfold in the theater of New York City. "Everybody Street" is expected to provide considerable knowledge and insight into the art of photography and the City of New York.

This is an interesting project for street photographers, especially those who, like me (although I can hardly describe myself as a street photographer despite of my Leica File blog) are passionate in their photographing the streets of New York.

I do not know Cheryl Dunn nor her background, so this post should not be construed as an effort to encourage anyone to contribute to the Everybody Street project, but is merely to mention it on this blog because it's about a discipline that I like and that I'm interested in; street photography.

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