Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kolkata's Cult of Durga In The Hindustan Times!!

Our workshop is prime news in Kolkata this morning!!!

I was initially interviewed by the delightful Debarati Chakraborty of the Hindustan Times regarding the objectives of my Kolkata's Cult of Durga Photo Expedition/Workshop, and shared what were our intentions to document the festival of Durga. Debarati also interviewed the remainder of our group, and penned a wonderful article on the photo workshop, with many quotes from Kris, Zara, Tony and Ron. Sandy Chandler wasn't available for the interview, and that's the reason why only four participants are mentioned in the article instead of five.

The article can be read in full here.

A salient quote from the article:

"It's easier to get seduced by colours (in India). When you use black & white, you focus more on the expression, the story behind the images."

I have only managed to get 4 copies of the newspaper so far...some of which were through the kindness of the Lytton Hotel's reception they must be selling out at a brisk pace!!!

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