Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ryvita Golden Rye and Black Pepper Crackers

Ryvita and crackers for cheese? Well, I wasn't sure either and when I was asked if I would try them and give my honest opinion, I thought why not.

A wonderful hamper arrived in a red box, beautifully presented with Double Gloucester cheese, Cranberry Cheese, Cropwell Bishop Stilton, Chutney, Golden Rye and Black Pepper Ryvita Crackers and even a cheeseboard to present them on.

These crackers are made for any cheese and are crisp, light, low fat and high in fibre. Still with me? They are made with olive oil, no artificial colours or flavours and suitable for vegetarians.

My husband always complains that the majority of biscuits for cheese just don't, in his opinion, go with cheese. I sat in silence listening to him crunch (yes these crackers are wonderfully crunchy) into the cheese topped crackers and he said the golden rye crackers would go with the majority of cheeses, and the black pepper crackers had just the right amount of heat. We served ours with apple, apricots and walnuts - simply delicious.

You can find Ryvita Crunch on Facebook.

Thank you James.

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