Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Travel Photographer Blog: 3 Years

The Travel Photographer blog turned 3 years old on the 24th of January, and I missed celebrating it while leading the Rajasthan & Gujarat Photo Expedition...but no matter.

About 1700 posts, thousands and thousands of unique visitors and subscribers, followers and an enormous amount of support from photographers, full timers and part timers, and many other creatives. And to think that I started this blog to write about myself and my photography...I ran out of things to say in less than a week, and decided there were many more interesting photographers, emerging and established, than I could ever be...and the rest is history as they say.

This blog helped my second career in ways that I could never imagine. I'm hugely chuffed when I'm introduced to people, and they exclaim "You're The Travel Photographer!!".

And to those who worry that my posts may get less acerbic with age, rest assured that my opinionated POVs will continue unabated, and its vinegary content may even increase in 2010.

Providing a free platform for promising emerging travel and documentary photographers is always what this blog will try to do, and I look forward to another year of exciting fresh talent, photography news and controversial points of view.

And it will remain ad-free.

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