Monday, December 29, 2008

My Canon 5D Mark II !!!

All's well that ends well. I was at B&H this morning to buy a card reader, and while at the desk to have it invoiced, I asked the salesman if they had any Canon 5D Mark II in stock, fully anticipating an exasperated no. To my surprise, he looked up and said he had one in stock....just like that. Naturally, I grabbed it.

In life, it's all a matter of timing. Had I gone to B&H five minutes later, it's quite possible that it would've been gone. In any event, I charged the battery and fiddled with the camera. My initial impression is that this camera is extremely intuitive and responsive, with a solid feel to its body. The shutter sounds a little soft. I haven't opened the manual yet, but the Movie function and the Live View will require some reading.

Incidentally, B&H was packed with customers. Recession? Not at B&H.

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