Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Travelling Lens Workshop To Ladakh...

What would you get if you mixed a troika of world-class women photographers with the visionary founder of a photojournalism workshop with an expert on Ladakh...and asked them to lead a 15 days photography workshop in a remote corner of the Indian Himalayas?

You'd get the Travelling Lens Master Class...that's what!

The Masterclass Workshop is led by Eric Beecroft (the founder of the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop) and by Varun Gupta, a photographer with first hand knowledge of Ladkah and an alum of the Foundry), with the  extraordinary talents of Andrea Bruce, Maggie Steber, and Ami Vitale as workshop instructors (they are also instructors with the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop whom I know well and respect).

As mentioned on the workshop's website, this is a journey to one of the world's most epic locations, with full access to these professionals for guidance in the participants' photography career.

The dates of the workshop are from June 21 to July 5, 2012 and the journey will include some days in Balistan, in the very heart of the Karakoram.

This is a unique opportunity of joining some of the best Foundry Photojournalism Workshop instructors, so visit the Travelling Lens Workshop website for full details.

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