Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Christopher Thomas: Venice In Solitude

Photo © Christopher Thomas-All Rights Reserved

Today's post is at 180 degrees divergence from the one yesterday, as it features the beauty of the La Serenissima or the Most Serene; term that was applied to the Republic of Venice. I believe its Carnavale (its most internationally known festival) will be celebrated in less than two weeks, and is a perfect time to feature the phenomenally beautiful photography of Christopher Thomas.

Christopher Thomas is based in Munich, and graduated from the Bavarian State Teaching Institute for Photography. He works internationally as a renowned advertising photographer., while his photojournalism for Geo, Stern, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, Merian, and other magazines received many international prizes.

His atmospheric photographs of Venice are currently on show at the Hamiltons Gallery in London, which I walk past often when I'm there. Unfortunately, I will not be in London during the exhibition which ends on February 27, so I have to content myself with viewing these online.

It appears that Christopher would set at the crack of dawn with a large format camera, lenses, a tripod and boxes of Polaroid Type 55 to make his photographs.

Christopher has also photographed in Nepal and Ethiopia, amongst other places, so visit his website.

Other websites with his work is the BBC In Pictures and Ira Stehmann.

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