Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review: Judge Heated Milk Frother

It is now easy to make good quality hot foamed milk with this electrically heated Judge Milk Frother. The body is stainless steel, cordless, lightweight and comes with an easy grip handle.

All you have to do is place the magnetic impeller (this is the whisk) at the bottom of the inside of the frother body, pour between 75ml and 300ml cold milk into the stainless steel body, place the lid on, press the on/off switch and after a couple of minutes the cold milk will have turned into hot frothed milk. The frother switches off automatically, and it is a quick, convenient and easy way to make frothed milk at home for lattes, cappuccino and hot chocolate.

Milk will always stick to the bottom of pans and to minimise this I always rinse mine out with cold water and then add the milk, and I used this method with the milk frother. I added 150ml of cold semi-skimmed milk to the jug, switched on and two minutes later produced lots of fabulous hot frothy milk. The frother is whisper quiet and there was minimal sticking of milk, no burning on the bottom of the jug, and the milk washed off easily.

The temperature of the milk along with the froth, produced a good quality cup of hot chocolate and on a cold, grey day it made a welcome change from my usual cup of coffee. Also, if you have a coffee machine which will only make espresso but would love to make a latte or cappuccino this frother will be ideal.

In the past I have had coffee machines demonstrated to me where the steamed milk isn't as good as this frothed milk. If you long to have a frothy milky drink then this clever gadget will be perfect.

Semi-skimmed milk frothed perfectly, although full fat milk is recommended for the best froth.
Makes copious amounts of froth.
Easy to read volume markings inside the jug.
The frother is whisper quiet whilst frothing the milk.
Turns cold milk into hot frothed milk at the flick of a switch.
Pours efficiently.
Easy grip handle.
Looks good in the kitchen.

The milk can stick to the base.
Any leftover milk cannot be reheated otherwise it will burn and stick on the bottom of the jug.
The body of the jug cannot be immersed in water for cleaning.
There is only one pouring lip on the side of the jug and left handed people will find pouring problematic.

Summary: A well made kitchen gadget that will bring the coffee shop experience into your own home.

Typical in store price £43.00
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Thank you to Judge for the Heated Milk Frother.

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